Sensei Steve Patek - Dojo Cho

Stephen Patek began training in Aikido under Michael Bachelor at the Internal School of Arcata In 1975. The Arcata dojo was affiliated with Eureka Aikido lead by Sensei Richard Kaholi. He was awarded his Shodan by Sensei Kaholi in 1980. In 1981, after the closure of the Internal School, he joined the newly formed North Coast Aikido in Arcata under Sensei Tom Reed. He continued training with North Coast Aikido through 1990. After moving to Sacramento in 1990 he resumed training at River City Aikido under Sensei Herschel Roby and Sensei Brian King. A promotion to Nidan was awarded by Sensei Frank Doran in 1992 and then to Sandan in 2001.

Sensei Brian King - Chief Instructor

Sensei Brian King started practicing aikido in 1972 in a class instructed by Sensei Tri at Sacramento State University. He soon joined Budo Educational Center to continue training with Sensei Tri. For a short period, King Sensei lived in Chico and taught Aikido there, but soon returned to Sacramento to train once again with his instructor. After attaining the rank of sandan Sensei King joined Mark Bartosh in his new school called River City Aikido. Since then, Brian King has taught Aikido classes through the University of Davis' Experimental College for some years. In 1998 Sensei King received the rank of yondan and in 2005 the rank of godan. Sensei King continues the lead the dojo.

Sensei Gene Kato

Gene Kato moved to Sacramento from Japan in 1974. He had practiced judo, kendo, and shorynji kempo in grade school. In 1977 he started training with Sensei Dang Thong Tri. When Sensei Mark Bartosh opened River City Aikido in 1983 Gene joined the new dojo. Gene has trained weapons with Sensei Pat Hendricks and is now the weapons instructor at River City Aikido.

Sensei John Putman

John Putman started Aikido training in the early 90’s under Sensei Dan Wold, a former student of Tri Thong Dang and founder of Aikido of Sacramento. John became a student instructor early in his development and in 2003 assumed the responsibility as Dojo Cho. Sensei Putman opened the Aiki Arts Center in 2008 but decided to close the dojo during the economic downturn. In the fall of 2010, John and a few of his students began training at River City Aikido.