River City Aikido was founded by Mark Bartosh on March 31,1985. It's original location was behind the Lanai Shopping Center on Freeport Boulevard. The dojo moved to its second location on Fruitridge Avenue in 1988. Mark ran the school until July of 1991. After that, the dojo was run as teaching cooperative, lead by Herschel Roby. Instructors during that period included Herschel Roby, Brian King Gene Kato, James Robinson, James Faires, and Kris Clark. Mark, Herschel and Brian were all former students of Sensei Tri. In 1993 River City affiliated with A.A.N.C. (now C.A.A.) in Sensei Frank Doran's division. In March of 1997, River City Aikido moved to its present location at 24th Street. In the spring of 1999, Herschel Roby retired, and Brian King became Dojo Cho. In the Fall of 2012, Steve Patek became Dojo Cho with Brian King remaining as Chief Instructor.

In 1980 Mark assisted his sensei, Mr. Dang Thong Tri (Budo Educational Center) by teaching beginning aikido at Sacramento City College. Gene Kato is a current member who was in those classes. With the help of Dan Wold, a contemporary under Mr. Tri, Mark started River City Aikido on the above date. A core of students from Sacramento City Aikido and friends from the Budo Educational Center were the first students of River City Aikido. The River City logo is a picture of a bokken with a dove perched on top. The school's motto is "peace through training".